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User  agreement 

Privacy statement

Financial Synergy knows that you are not indifferent to how information about you is used and transmitted. Therefore we are firm We are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy practices of the information you provide. By using our site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement. Like many websites we use "cookies" and we receive certain types of information when your web browser accesses our website. All data provided by the Participant Financial Synergy will only be used for personal purposes and will not be shared with third parties.


We are committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within the company who need to know use only information obtained from individual clients. We constantly check our systems and data, so that to provide the best possible service to our customers. We will not sell, transfer or rent your personal information to third parties or use your email address for spam. Any electronic emails sent by this Company will only be associated with the provision of agreed services and products.

Leadership and professional advice

Investing in any online program usually carries a moderate to high degree of risk and may be suitable not for all investors. Before deciding to invest in Financial Synergy, you should carefully analyze your financial condition and your level of experience. You should be aware of all the risks associated with investing and seek advice from an independent financial consultant, if you have any doubts. There is a possibility that you could lose some or all of your an initial investment, so you shouldn't invest ishop that you cannot afford lose. You invest at your own risk and risk and you agree that past performance is not a guarantee the same future level.

Site usage

Spam violators will be permanently removed from the site with immediate effect.
Financial Synergy reserves the right to accept or reject any participant without giving any reason.

The terms of participation

The participant must be 18 years old or older to participate.
Participants must provide Financial Synergy accurate, complete and updated registration information, including email address.
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Financial Synergy, at its sole discretion and for any reason or without it, may refuse to accept applications for participation.

Participants cannot.

  • Activate or use more than one account to earn referral commission.
  • Use another person's email address
  • Use a login that is subject to the rights of another person without the permission of that person
  • Use a false or misleading username or email address to activate or use a member account.

Our rights

The administration reserves the right to track the activity of the participant both by IP address and by activity individual browsers.
The administration has the right, at its discretion, to suspend or cancel, at any time and for any reason or without such, member's membership and access to the website and program. All earnings can be canceled at our discretion.

Compliance with the requirements

Member agrees not to abuse their privileges by acting in accordance with this agreement. The participant agrees not to try to make ishop through other channels that are not allowed Financial Synergy. The Member undertakes not to engage in any kind of fraudulent activity.
We will be the sole determinant in cases of alleged abuse, fraud or violation his rules. Any decision we make regarding cancellation of earnings and termination of membership must be final and binding.
Participant must comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to Participant acknowledges that they may participate in the program only if such participation is permitted by such laws, regulations and provisions.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

We reserve the right to change the rules, commissions and rates of the program at any time and in our own way. own discretion without notice, especially in order to maintain the integrity and security of interests participants generally. You agree that you are solely responsible for revising the current terms.