Questions, answers, terms and rules

Complete the registration and go to your personal cabinet. Choose any or all TPs and activate them by paying the necessary amount. When the balance of the active TP accumulates the full amount of "Limit", you will receive the payment within 24 hours.

Financial Synergy is a platform whose active participants make a profit by helping other active project participants. Fully transparent and unique marketing allows you to significantly increase your money. We - the creators of the project "Financial Synergy", consciously, do not set out all of our plans! We will give information in portions, step by step, introducing new opportunities for income and advertising. Investment mutual aid between participants and receiving, by them, the guaranteed profit is only the beginning of our program of development of a platform "Financial Synergy". Our first goal is to attract 1,000 active users. We start the journey with the first step!

After registration, the user gets access to a personal cabinet, where he has access to all the features of the project.

  • Participant (not active participant) - the user who registered on the project and has no active TP. These may be users who have never activated any TP, or their TP has already worked and has the status of "Closed".
  • Active Participant (investor) is a registered user who has active TP. This can be one, several or all TPs on which he expects "Closing TPs".

Boiler is a cumulative fund, which is filled from the money receipts into the project. A separate boiler is created for each TP. For example, for TP 1, the boiler 1 works. For TP 2, the boiler 2 works. Money for paid TPs goes to the appropriate Boiler. For each Boiler, there is a separate statistics, which can be seen by active participants. In the "ZERO Hour", all funds from each Boiler are distributed among the active participants of the corresponding TP. Distribution occurs in equal shares of the total amount of the Boiler. Administration, at its discretion, can send to the Boilers a portion of the funds received from advertisers. These recharges are displayed in the general replenishment statistics of the Boiler and are visible to active users.

Daily, from 10:00 hours to 12:00 hours Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

During these hours, the Administration audits the system, checks the balances of all active users for each TP. At this time, the entire amount of accumulated money in the " Boilers" is recorded and the distribution of finances between the Active Users, one by one for each TP.

After the end of the "ZERO Hour", there is no money left in the " Boilers", all funds are distributed to the Active Users.

Information about the profit received is immediately displayed in the offices of Active Users.

The Administration may set individual parameters of the "ZERO Hour" for any TP. Active Users may always see this information in their accounts.

Rate Plans (TPs) are investment offers for fixed and guaranteed profits.

Each Tariff Plan (TP) is individual, has a separate balance, its own "Boiler" and statistics.

The duration of a TP is limited. Upon reaching the "Limit" TP is "Closed".

TP designations:
  • 1. "Active TP"- after payment for TP, its activation occurs. From this moment TP is considered Active until the moment of "Closing".
  • 2. "TP Price" - the amount of obligatory payment for TP activation. In order to get profit from the TP operation, it is necessary to activate it by paying a fixed price.
  • 3. "TP limit" - a fixed, maximum amount of TP profitability. This amount can not be more or less. That's how much each active participant who pays for the activation of a particular TP is guaranteed to get.
  • 4. "Closing TP" - occurs when the "Limit" on the balance of a particular TP is reached. From that moment, in the next 24 hours, the participant will receive payment. After "Closing TP", the participant has the opportunity to immediately activate this TP, so as not to miss the referral profit and the nearest distribution of " Boilers" in the "ZERO Hour".
Example of TP work.
TP-5 (VIP)
"Limit - 500$"
"Price - $250."

To activate this TP you need to pay $250. When the balance accumulates the amount of "Limit" 500$, then the notification about "Closing TP" will turn on. Within 24 hours the user will see $500 in his purse Payeer or PerfectMoney.

We work with payment systems: Payeer and PerfectMoney

Payments are made within 24 hours from the moment of Closed TP. You do not need to write to support or perform other actions to receive payment.

The site does not take a commission for sending money to your e-wallet. We send the entire amount of the " TP limit.

Payouts are made on the same purse from which was activated TP. You can not make replacement purses! Appeals to support is not accepted!

Example. TP-1 was activated from purse Payeer. Payment will come to the purse Payeer. TP-2 was activated from purse PerfectMoney. Payment will be received by the wallet PerfectMoney. TP-3 was activated from purse Payeer. Payment will be received by the wallet Payeer. Each time you activate TP you can use any of your wallets Payeer or PerfectMoney. Payments will be sent to the wallets from which was made by the payment specific TP.

! Payments for TP activation are not refundable! After TP activation, Active User is guaranteed to receive a payment under the "TP limit" only after "Closing TP". Paying any TP, you accept and agree with these rules of the project!

When the participant pays for TP, the money will be distributed as follows:

20% - the commission of the site.

40% - receives Curator*.

40% - goes to the "Boiler" of a particular TP.

* If the user does not have a Curator, then 80% of the money goes to the Boiler.

Let's look at an example.

User DiMa activated TP-8 and paid $100. The site's commission is 20% = $20. Remaining $80, of which $40 get Curator, who invited user "DiMa", and $40 are sent to the Boiler of the particular TP, which paid for "DiMa". If the user "DiMa" does not have a Curator, then $80 are sent to the Boiler of the paid TP.

This money is used for:

  • - Development and massive advertising of the project. We actively advertise our program to attract new users and advertisers.
  • - Cancellation of withdrawal fees for users. Users receive exactly as much as specified in the " TP Limit".
  • - Insurance for all TP! The project administration guarantees a 100% payment for each activated TP. If the participant has paid for TP, he is guaranteed to receive the full amount of the "TP Limit".

We take responsibility and guarantee that every user who activates TP will receive a payout on the value of the "TP Limit"! You will not just get back the money spent, but you will get all expected profit on the activated TP.

Insurance case occurs if the user has not received any cents for 10 consecutive days.

The insurance payment is made on the 11th day and it is displayed in the user's statistics, as well as in the general statistics of the project.

The insurance payment is sent to the wallet from which the TP was paid and activated, which fell under the insured event.

From the moment of payment of the Insurance, a particular TP is "Closed" in the user's cabinet. User has the right to activate this TP again.

Example of an insured event. Exactly at noon (by site time) on January 01, user "Coco-G" activated TP 7, paying $ 500 and he should get "Limit of $ 1000". From that moment until noon on January 11, there were no new activations on this TP, "Boiler" was not refilled and user "Coco-G" has on his balance 0$. At noon, January 11, insurance case occurs, and Administration makes payment in the amount of $ 1000 for the purse "Coco-G" in the payment system Payeer or PerfectMoney.

Of what funds the Administration makes the "insurance payments"?

"Financial Synergy" receives a commission of 20% to replenish and increase our insurance fund, which was formed before the launch of the project, and we have already reserved funds for the payment of insurance.

We care about the reputation of our project! We are well aware that our reputation is based on the positive feedback from users. If users of the project receive a guarantee and security for their money, it will be our main advantage over other projects.

Words and promises do not matter, only real deeds do!

Curator is a Participant who invited another Participant (Referral) to the project, who came to the site and registered under the Curator's referral link.

Referral is a Participant who registered on the project under the Curator's referral link.

Participant without a Curator is a Participant who does not have a Curator. He was registered without an invitation or his potential Curator, at the time of registration of the referral, does not have an "Active TP".

Referral link and advertising tools become available after the user activates any TP. Referral link posted on the Internet always works! On it can register new members of the project in the 24/7/365 mode.

Restrictions on the referral link! For all users who register using your referral link to become your referrals, you must remain an "Active Participant". If you do not have any "Active TP", your referral link will automatically be deactivated and will send referrals past you. They will be registered as "Members without a Curator".

Referral commissions Curator receives instantly, after referral pays TP, but it is such a TP, which is active in the Curator.

Example.The curator has an active TP 1 and 2. His referral activates TP 3 and 5. In this case, the Curator will not receive a referral fee and will see the stats "Missed profit $-Amount" in his office. All the money from the referral's investments will go to Boilers TP 3, 5 and will be distributed among the active participants of these Tariff Plans (TP).

To get maximum profit from the Affiliate Program, it is desirable to have all Active TPs, constantly activating them immediately after closing.

Referral system 1 level.

Referrals are fixed for eternity.

"Financial Synergy" - provides effective advertising space for advertisers. Information can be found in the "For Advertisers" section.

Short Questions And Quick Answers

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. If you have other questions, email us through the feedback form in your personal member area.

Why is it beneficial to activate all TPs?

This method allows you to get the maximum profit from referrals and a share of investments of other active participants.

Can I create multiple registrations?

No! It will not bring any material benefit to the user and spoils the reputation of the project. Multi-accounts are blocked without possibility of recovery.

Is it possible to make money without investing?

No! At this stage, only investment opportunities for profit are offered.

Will the project continue to grow?

Yes! Our team has big plans for the future. We offer new opportunities and our guarantees for participants.

Who can participate in the project?

Anyone 18+ years of age who accepts our rules and agrees to our terms.

What payment systems are used?

At the moment, the Payeer and PerfectMoney wallets are connected for investors. For advertising, in addition, we accept payment in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron.